Web application that can help medical clinics managers to create, plan and publish online available therapies terms and medical reports.
Users can search and appoint to suitable hospital & department available terms, see the details related with the scheduled appointment and view own reports created by the medical personnel.
Main functions:

  • User level management
  • User dashboard
  • Intelligent user / workspace customized planner – Create and publish daily / weekly / monthly / custom period appointments (bulk or single)
  • Online appointments booking
  • Workspace management (Clinic, departments, employees)
  • Services management
  • Client service records (files)
  • Messages and e-mail system
  • Full workspace overview
  • Workspace / employee times, service colors and other customization
  • Patients / clients can search for health center on map
  • Publish workspace info on the customer side view (Workspace presentation)
  • Mobile phone “friendly”